RedWallet is a digital wallet designed with you in mind! RedWallet is your key to accessing everything in our ecosystem. It is a key that puts you in charge of your data, identity, and any digital asset you choose to bring to our Redline Blockchain ecosystem. Our team takes security very seriously and values your privacy. With the RedWallet, you'll be able to connect securely to all of the applications on our ecosystem, buy RLC tokens, transact with others, keep your crypto assets safe, and secure your valuables, such as NFTs. We're always adding more features and options for our valued members! Our team has developed the RedWallet to make it easy for everyone to download, sign up, complete the e-KYC process, and manage assets securely. After setting up your RedWallet, you can access it with a single phrase from your Android, IOS, or browser extension. The possibilities and benefits of having a RedWallet are endless. We encourage you to download your RedWallet as soon as possible and share it with your friends and family.